Our First Visit to Your Home for Weekly & 2x Weekly customers

New customers who sign up for weekly or twice weekly service may be charged an Initial Clean-up Fee depending on the amount of accumulated pet waste. This is a one-time fee and is billed at $30.00 for the first 30 minutes and $10.00 for every 15-minute increment after the initial 30 minutes. Most yards fall within a 30-minute time frame. This fee is for the extra time involved in cleaning your yard for the first time if it has not been picked up in awhile.  If the initial service takes the same time as a standard weekly visit then the normal rates below apply and there will be no additional fee.

See table below for 1x and 2x weekly service.  The prices shown in the table below are for 1/3 acre or less. If more land we can give you a quote.

We double bag the doody and put in your garbage receptacle. Additional fee will apply to haul the doody away.